How to keep your home cool: 7 effective tips

Effective ways to avoid the heat in summer

Summer is one of the most anticipated times of the year, allowing us to enjoy warm days, cool ice cream and relaxing on the beach. However, when the heat becomes unbearable, we start looking for different ways to get rid of it, at least in our own homes.

Many people do not have air conditioning in their apartments, and the summer heat takes away our strength and affects our health. That's why OBOZREVATEL has compiled effective ways to deal with high temperatures.

1. Windows, curtains and blinds should be closed throughout the day.

This will prevent sunlight and warm air from entering the apartment.

2. Control the humidity in the room.

A dehumidifier can help fight the heat, but the device does not reduce the temperature in the room, but dries the humid air and removes the effect of "stickiness" of the body.

3. Large household appliances are best used at night.

Appliances such as ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers generate a significant amount of heat, so you should avoid using them on hot days. Using such appliances at night will also be a nice bonus for your wallet, as you will be able to save money on electricity.

4. Close the door to rooms you don't use.

We usually spend more time in just one room during the day. This can be used as a way to keep other rooms cooler. By keeping the other doors closed, cooler air will remain there. This can be the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

5. Place the fans in the correct locations.

Please note that fans do not cool the air, but only circulate it. The main thing is to choose the right place for our assistant. The device will work best next to open windows at night or in corridors. This way, the fan draws cooler air into the room.

6. Electrical appliances must be unplugged.

Even when electrical appliances are not in use, but are plugged in, they still generate heat, which makes our home even hotter. To ensure safety and to avoid unnecessary heat, it is best to always unplug toasters, kettles, chargers and televisions.

7. In summer, only cotton sheets.

Using natural fabrics will significantly improve our well-being on hot, summer nights, because cotton sheets allow our body to "breathe", which improves our condition. But if this still doesn't help you fall asleep, the most effective option is to put the sheet in the fridge for an hour or two before going to bed, so that the heat won't disturb your sleep.

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