How to keep things bright when washing them: a simple trick

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How to keep things bright after repeated washing

Over time, things start to fade after repeated wash cycles. Sometimes even special powder for color preservation does not help. However, there is one very effective and simple remedy, which in conditions of scarcity was used even by our grandmothers.

Just one ingredient will help to keep things bright when washing. But this lifehack has some limitations. What to add to the water when washing, so that things do not fade - read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

Ordinary table salt - an effective ingredient that will help to preserve the brightness of colors. Salt has long been added to detergents when washing. But is it possible to use this flyhack, washing things in the washing machine? Experts say yes, but it should be done correctly and carefully.

Method 1

You need to add 1 tablespoon of salt per wash cycle. Salt is not only suitable for colored things, but will also preserve the brightness of white clothes - it will not turn gray or yellow.

Method 2

To remove outdated or difficult stains, for example from wine or blood, you should first pour 1 tablespoon of salt on top of the stain. Put the dirty thing in a container, pour cold water over it and wait at least 30 minutes. Then wash in a machine in the usual way.

Method 3

You can also use salt as a conditioner for clothes - it will ensure softness of fabrics. Salt can reduce the hardness of the water and will prevent lime deposits from settling. During the rinse cycle, you should add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the washing machine at the same time as the detergent. The laundry will be pleasant to the touch.


Washing with salt has certain peculiarities. Salt may not be able to cope with grease and oil stains. In this case, you should use stronger washing agents. It is also worth paying attention to the recommendations on the use of washing machines, because some manufacturers do not recommend pouring salt into the container to avoid damage.

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