How to humidify the air at home: the most effective tips

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Aromadiffuser and houseplants are nice ways to increase humidity in the house.

Dry air in the home is bad for the health of all residents. An insufficiently humid atmosphere can cause respiratory and skin problems. It can also affect furniture and some furnishings.

Experts call the optimal level of humidity in the house 30-60%. Sante Plus has gathered a lot of tips on how to raise the level of moisture saturation of the air in your home if it has fallen below this level. And that's often the case in hot weather.

Place containers of water around the house.

These can be vases with flowers or simply decorative bowls filled with liquid. The ideal place for them would be a sunny windowsill, where evaporation will occur faster. In winter, bowls can be placed on a warm floor or heating radiator. For patient lovers of wildlife, an aquarium, for example, will do.

Decorate your home with living plants

As they breathe through their leaves (transpiration) they release water, which optimizes air humidity. But don't forget to water your home garden in time to get the results you want.

Boil water

Do you like tea? Let the kettle simmer for a while before you brew a drink from it. But this trick will only work with teapots that are heated on the stove. And also with pots in which food is cooked.

Dry your clothes the natural way

A dryer eliminates the need to hang wet clothes in the house after washing. But they can be a good source of the water you need. So when the moisture level in the air drops, it makes sense to cede living space to a regular dryer. For example, overnight.

Use a dishwasher

This appliance, on the other hand, releases moisture into the atmosphere during operation. In addition, the dishwasher needs to be dried after use, which is a little more water in the atmosphere.

Don't close the door when taking a shower or bath

Hygiene procedures involve the release of large amounts of water vapor. So, if you have no one to be ashamed of at home, leave the bathroom door open when you bathe and do not turn on the hood. You can also leave the bath water running until it cools down. All this time it will evaporate heavily into the air.

Make sure you ventilate your house

In addition to freshening the atmosphere of the home and making it healthier, it will also let dry air out and more humid air in.

Use humidification appliances

A household humidifier or decorative fountain can help optimize the atmosphere in the home. Whereas an essential oil diffuser will help to simultaneously fill your home with a pleasant fragrance, and a pet fountain will help keep the hydration level of your cat or dog at a high level.

Spray curtains and other home textiles

A wet towel in the bathroom, while it dries, makes the atmosphere in that room pleasantly humidified. The same trick can be used with curtains. In addition, as they dry, they will lower the temperature in the room, which works well on hot days.

Minimize the use of heating devices

Anything that heats the air in the house - oven, heater, hair dryer, iron, etc. - removes some of the moisture from the air. So if you can avoid using such appliances, don't use them. Especially since heating appliances use the most electricity.

Don't iron your clothes

Ironing can perfectly replace steaming. A household steamer will not only make out wrinkles in the fabric, but it will also release a lot of needed water vapor into the air.

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