How to hold wine and champagne glasses correctly: party etiquette

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It is better to hold the glass by the stem to avoid heating the drink with your palms.

Etiquette is important even during informal events such as a party with friends. For example, it is always important to pour and drink wine elegantly. This helps you to better enjoy the taste of the drink.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled the basic rules regarding alcohol consumption. Follow them and your parties will always be stylish.

How to pour drinks

To prevent sparkling wine from foaming, pour it into a glass tilted at a 45-degree angle. This way, gases are released from the liquid more slowly and the taste is better preserved.

After pouring the drink into the glass, twist the bottle towards you. This way, you will remove the last drop from the neck so that it does not fall on the tablecloth and leave a stain.

Do not fill glasses to the brim to avoid spilling the contents. Pouring two-thirds of the drink will be enough.

Grip the glass by the stem, not the bowl, so that the drink, especially a chilled one, does not heat up from the warmth of the palm of your hand. This will negatively affect its taste. Also, hands leave stains on the glass, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.

How to choose the right glasses for drinks

Wine can be poured into two types of vessels: elongated flute glasses are better suited for red and dry wines, and wide glasses are better suited for semi-sweet and sweet wines.

The stronger the drink, the smaller the container should be. Wine and beer should be poured into large vessels, and 40-degree alcohol, if it is without ice or stones, should be served in small glasses.

The rule for truly festive banquets is to place glasses, goblets and wine glasses in a row or semicircle in front of each plate in the order in which the drinks will be served.

How to drink alcohol

No alcohol should be consumed in large gulps, like water. Firstly, it is not very aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, you will get drunk very quickly. Drink in small sips and enjoy the taste. You can hold the wine in your mouth for a while to feel all the flavours.

At professional tastings, sommeliers and experts swirl the drink in the glass to saturate it with oxygen. You shouldn't do this at parties. You are unlikely to taste the right notes of flavour unless you have special training. You can also spill the drink and ruin the mood for yourself and others.

If the party is held in a buffet format, you shouldn't put the glass on the table. According to etiquette, this means that you will not drink from it again and the waiter should remove it.

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