How to help a dog survive the heat: effective tips

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Dogs do not tolerate heat well

Everyone suffers from the heat, and pets are no exception. Thick undercoat increases body temperature, so responsible owners should take care of their pet's health.

Dogs should not be left in the cabin of a car in the summer heat - such carelessness may even lead to fatal accidents. Read how to help your dog to endure the heat in the article of OBOZREVATEL.

Feeding regime

Veterinarians recommend an interesting tip: On hot days, you can freeze small portions of natural foods and give them to your pet. This is useful even if your pet eats mostly store-bought food. In summer, natural foods will definitely not be superfluous in the diet.


Old towel

If the apartment is too hot, you can give your dog an old towel. It should be soaked in cool water and placed on the floor. Your pet will surely appreciate a place to rest.


In a private house or at the cottage, you can use an inflatable children's pool. You just need to put it in the yard and fill it with cool water - so the dog can cool himself.


By the way, dogs always have a specific smell, it is natural for animals, no matter how often their owners bathe them. It is triggered by the microbiome - bacteria and fungi that live and multiply in the thick coat. How to bathe a dog correctly to get rid of a specific smell - read in the material.

In the past OBOZREVATEL told you how much water a dog and cat should drink per day.

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