How to grow kiwi in the garden: cultivation features in Ukraine

Kiwi is an unpretentious plant. Source: Pexels

Kiwi for Ukrainians is an exotic fruit that we are not used to growing in our gardens. However, weather conditions in Ukraine are suitable for this plant.

Kiwi is a liana, whose pagons reach several meters, so it will also serve as a decoration for your garden. AGROMARKET collected tips that will help to take care of the seedling.

Kiwi varieties are divided into female and male types of flowering, which begins in May and lasts up to two weeks, forming white, small flowers. And you can harvest in mid-autumn. There are different types of varieties, the most popular are Hayward, Solo, Malbec, Abbott, Bemole, Monty and others.

To plant the crop in your garden, you need to consider the fact that the plant prefers sunny and open places to grow. Also, the seedling needs a support, it can be a fence, gazebo or other buildings nearby.

Note that the soil should be loose and light, and clay soils are not suitable for the plant.

Feed the lianas in time, but do not oversaturate them with nitrogen, because this will deprive you of the harvest. It is necessary to apply complex mineral fertilizers 2-3 times a season.

The root system of kiwi plants is superficial, so the soil should be moist and watering should be regular.

Plants quickly overgrow, so you need to trim the sprouts in time, it is better to do it in June or autumn. Pruning should be the same as for grapes.

Although most varieties are frost-resistant, it is recommended to cover young seedlings with non-woven material. And "adult" plants need to remove the pagons from the support and lower them to the ground.

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