How to get your house in order in minutes: 5 cleaning secrets

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Chaos can be curbed if properly organized

Cleaning is a complex task consisting of many small subtasks. And that's what often scares us about the process. But the tricky part of the problem is that the more we put off starting to clean, the more these small tasks pile up, and it becomes harder to even get started.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of this fear of piling up tasks and accelerate home order. OBOZREVATEL tells you about five best practices.

Eat an elephant in pieces

Even the most neglected clutter can be put in order if you divide the cleaning into small and, more importantly, manageable tasks. Clean up the different areas gradually. Clean your desk today, your drawers tomorrow, your closet over the sink the day after that, and your bookshelves the day after that. If you spend all your energy in one fell swoop, you will not soon feel the urge to tidy up again. It is better to do a little, but regularly. Even taking 15 to 20 minutes a day for one non-current activity, such as washing the dishes or doing the laundry, can help with the clutter.


If all the cares of cleaning the house lies on one person, there is a risk that this person sooner rather than later will be overworked. So do not mock this person, involve other housemates in the cleaning, do not hesitate to invite professionals who will help you for quite reasonable money, hire permanent household assistants. This is normal, it should not be ashamed. That's what you earn, to simplify your life.

Turn cleaning into a children's game

The most difficult room to clean is always the children's room. Five minutes after the cleaning crew leaves, the room is likely to turn into multicolored chaos. That's why children should be taught to put things in order themselves from a young age. How? The most natural way, in the form of a game. Collect things on the speed and reward the winner, for example, with unscheduled ice cream. Divide the family into teams and compete against each other. Tell stories about how toys want to sleep when they are tired all day, and where to put them to get a good night's sleep. Be imaginative and make the habit easy and fun. Your child will thank you later.

Use organizers

No matter how nicely you arrange small items in a drawer, without a proper storage system they will very quickly get mixed up again and form a mess. So get yourself organizers for literally everything - for jewelry and loose food, documents and household chemicals, tools and medicines. Arranged in the appropriate boxes and signed they will look more pleasant than piled on a pile in the closet. And it will be easier and faster to find the things you need.

Have fun while you're doing it

The times when cleaning was considered an unavoidable suffering and a deadly boring task are long gone. Now there are many ways to entertain yourself during household chores. Listen to music or an audiobook - it's very convenient to do it with wireless headphones, watch movies, play podcasts. Or even make a hands-free call to a friend. Anything that will cheer you up while you're working will do.

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