How to get rid of tea stains on cups: three effective tips

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Brown traces may remain on the cup after strong tea

It can be difficult to get rid of tea stains on cups. Probably many people have noticed a pattern - the stronger the drink, the stronger the traces on white ceramics.

The explanation is quite simple: tannins, a phenolic compound found in tea leaves, react with warm water when brewed. A film is formed, which settles on the walls of the cup. These components give tea a special slightly tart taste. OBOZREVATEL gathered the most effective tips to get rid of tea plaque.

The brown film is especially noticeable when tea has cooled and is in the cup for a long time. As it dries, it turns into a resistant brown stain. Specialists say that it has no effect on health and is not harmful, but it can penetrate the surface of dishes.

How to clean a cup with baking soda

Soda is an all-purpose cleaner. It will quickly clean the cup and disinfect the surface. There are several options for use: you can simply rub the stains with abrasive baking soda particles, or you can pre-dilute it with water. The baking soda quickly dissolves the stain and rinses off easily.

Citric acid tip

Not only will the citric acid effectively clean the pottery, but it will also provide a pleasant citrus aroma. Pour 1 tablespoon of lemon into a dirty cup and fill the container with hot water. After 5 minutes, you can pour out the solution and rinse the cup a little with running water.

Lifehack with salt

This remedy was often used by our grandmothers in times of scarcity. It is still relevant today because of its environmental friendliness and effectiveness. A little fine salt should be put on a sponge and clean a dirty cup. The plaque will instantly come off. After that, rinse the dish in cool water.

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