How to get rid of moisture in the basement: effective ways

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Humidity in the cellar or basement can ruin all your supplies

Having your own cellar is one of the best ways to store food for the winter. Under normal conditions, the temperature and humidity conditions there are ideal, which helps protect vegetables and canned goods from rotting. But sometimes it happens that moisture begins to penetrate the room due to certain design flaws or breakdowns.

However, you can solve the problem on your own and even without significant repairs. OBOZ.UA figured out how to get rid of excessive moisture in the cellar, even if it is cold outside for half the year.

The main task is to absorb as much excess water as possible. Any hygroscopic substance is suitable for this purpose. It can be either calcium chloride or silica gel, which can be easily purchased online both as a pure substance and as a cat litter. The product is poured into jars and placed throughout the cellar. In this case, calcium chloride can be reused if it is dried well in a frying pan.

Clay bricks can also absorb excess moisture. Before using them, the bricks are heated over a fire and then placed in the corners of the cellar. While they cool down, the room will be dehumidified. However, this procedure may need to be repeated several times to completely eliminate the problem.

To protect the walls from possible mold growth, you will need boric acid. To prepare the solution, take 20 ml of the product per 1 liter of water. This liquid is used to treat not only the walls but also the ceiling. It kills spores of mold fungi that can begin to grow under the influence of dampness.

Another effective antifungal agent is copper sulfate. A 5% solution is prepared from it to treat the cellar. In this concentration, the substance is safe for bricks.

Gravel or sand will help absorb excess water from the floor. They should be used to cover the floor of the room. The layer of the embankment should be about 10 cm. But it's important to remember that this method will only remove puddles, not overcome humidity as such. It will have to be dealt with separately.

You can also protect the stocks in the cellar. To do this, it is better to place the vegetables in a moisture-absorbing environment or well ventilated. For example, root vegetables can be placed in boxes with sand or sawdust, and cabbage can be placed in nets and hung.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what the humidity level in the apartment should be to prevent mold and how to maintain it.

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