How to get rid of grease stains on colored clothes: detailed instructions

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Grease stains can be effectively removed if you don't delay cleaning them

Greasy stains on fabrics are considered difficult to get out. This is indeed true if you let them soak into the fibers. If you remove the contamination as soon as it appears, you can get perfect results. The main thing is to choose the right remedy. Especially when it comes to colored clothes that are more sensitive to different cleaning agents.

OBOZREVATEL has collected a list of techniques that will help to cope with greasy stains. Learn about the correct algorithm of actions, which will help to get rid of it.

Do not hesitate

The sooner you treat a grease-contaminated place, the better it will be cleaned, as fat can penetrate deep into the fabric over time. Try to remove the stain while it is still dry. If you catch it at this stage, start by blotting up any remaining grease with a dry paper towel.

Apply the cleaning product

Choose a cleaner according to the type of fabric. For example, dishwashing liquid can work well. However, choose one that will not leave its dye on the textile. Laundry soap, a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts or ammonia is also helpful. You can also use a liquid, powder or gel, purchased in the store. Any of these means must first be tested in an invisible place on the interaction with fibers and dyes.

Rub the product in

For your chosen product to dissolve the grease well into the fabric, it needs to be rubbed in. However, the friction should be as delicate as possible. You can do it with your fingers. A brush with soft bristles or a sponge will also work. During friction, it is better not to go beyond the original stain, so as not to spread the grease to new areas.

Rinse the item in warm water

After treatment, you need to rinse with warm water in the place where the stain was. Cold will not cope well with washing off the grease, while hot water can damage the fabric. After that, the item can be washed in the usual way.

Air dry

Drying the clothes after washing the grease stain in the dryer can seal the grease residue deeper in the fibers. After washing, the garment should be air-dried naturally. This will also remove the odor from the fabric, such as vinegar, if you cleaned the stain with it.

If necessary, repeat the procedure

If all the grease has not been removed, you will need to repeat the cleaning procedure. Do not rub harder, but go through all the steps from the very first. It is better to be patient, not persistent. However, if the stain still remains, you need to change the remedy.

Use bleach

Oxygen bleach, which can be used even on colored clothes, can also be quite effective against grease stains. Apply and rinse it off according to the instructions. Don't forget to test the effect on an invisible area of the fabric beforehand.

Contact a dry cleaner

If all your efforts still fail, there is still a chance that a professional cleaner can cope with the problem. Take the item to a dry cleaner. Don't forget to explain in detail what problem you want to solve and what the clothes or textiles were treated with.

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