How to get rid of dirt and odors on the floor: a simple grandmother's method of cleaning

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What to clean the floor with

At a time when household chemicals did not yet exist, or they were not so common in short supply, our grandmothers used natural ingredients. One of the universal and environmentally friendly detergents has long been wood ash.

Ash is the remains of wood and plants after burning. They retain high levels of nutrients - potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium. Read about the grandmother's method of cleaning floors with ashes in the article of OBOZREVATEL.

Outwardly, this organic fertilizer looks like a powder of gray color with small charred pieces of plant branches embedded. Wood ash is usually used in gardening: fertilizer is prepared by mixing the powder with water or simply sprinkling the beds.

If you want to move away from the use of synthetic detergents and try something natural, effective and environmentally friendly, ashes are ideal.

The ash will soften the water, effectively clean the wood floor and as a nice bonus it will get rid of unpleasant odors.

To prepare the remedy for cleaning the floors is very simple, but you should take into account that the solution must be infused.

Step 1. Fill a metal, aluminum or glass container 2/3 full with wood ash.

Step 2: Fill to the brim with warm water and stir. There may be debris on the surface - remnants of twigs or charred stones, which should be carefully removed.

Step 3: let the mixture infuse for about 24 hours in a warm place. From time to time, check the container and stir the ash.

When the ash has completely settled to the bottom, a yellowish liquid, somewhat viscous to the touch, will form on top of the water. It is this concentrated lye that is the base of the floor cleaner. Pour it into another container, and before using, dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:10

The all-purpose cleaner is ready - you can start cleaning.

By the way, white vinegar is often used to clean laminated, vinyl and wooden floors. It has pronounced antibacterial, cleansing and disinfecting properties. How to prepare the solution and what proportions to adhere to - read in the material.

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