How to get rid of cockroaches quickly: you will need improvised means

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Fighting cockroaches with home remedies does not require significant costs

Once you see these bugs in your home, you may have nightmares about them for a long time. Although cockroaches do not look like the most unpleasant creatures of all insects, they make an extremely negative impression on people. Probably due to the fact that since ancient times they are known as creatures that spread disease and contaminate food. That's why they should be gotten rid of immediately.

OBOZREVATEL tells about home remedies that can help with this.Ingredients for all recipes to get easy and they are inexpensive.

Why cockroaches appear in the house

The common stereotype that these bugs breed in places that are poorly cleaned is only partially true. They can visit a house where the owners are well with cleanliness. But the smell of food that is freely available does attract these creatures.

Cockroaches can appear in apartment buildings. They can move between apartments through ventilation systems, garbage chutes or even central heating pipes.

Are cockroaches dangerous to humans

Although these insects do not bite and are not poisonous, they can still cause serious damage. Cockroaches contaminate food with feces and the remains of their shells, which they periodically shed during the molting period. In addition, they can carry pathogens of various diseases. Including influenza, tuberculosis, cholera and typhoid fever. Therefore, epidemiologists advise not to delay with measures if you notice these creatures in your home. Especially since they reproduce very quickly and give a lot of offspring.

How to get rid of cockroaches

There are quite a few home recipes that allow you to get rid of cockroaches. You can produce traps or dangerous "treats" for them.

Trap based on beer or coffee

One way to get rid of cockroaches is to use traps from available products. They can be made as soon as you notice the fact of invasion. Beer or coffee will be especially effective as bait.

Trap with coffee grounds. Pour the remains of coffee into a glass jar. Put this jar in the place where you noticed cockroaches and put a bridge of cardboard to it. Insects will start to crawl to the appetizing smell, will get into the jar and will hardly get out of there later.

Beer trap. Pour the drink into a bowl or other deep vessel, such as the same can. Don't forget the cardboard bridge. Cockroaches are unlikely to survive such a "bath".

Bait with boric acid

Boron is destructive to insects, but they have no specific receptor for it, so they may eat it along with more appetizing foods. To offer uninvited guests such a treat, soak bread in boric acid solution or mix mashed potatoes with it. Form small balls from the resulting mass and spread them around the apartment. Even more attractive such bait will be made by powdered sugar or vanilla sugar mixed into the mass.

Cockroaches will not only eat such poison, but also bring it to their nest. Thus, they will poison their relatives who have not yet found the free surprise goodies.

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