How to get rid of ants on roses: a remedy from the medicine cabinet will help

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How to get rid of ants on roses

Innocent, at first glance, ants can cause significant harm to roses. Experienced gardeners know that where there are ants in the bed, aphids should also be looked for. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to examine the rose, which is favored by insects, for the presence of aphids.

Aphids weaken roses and literally suck the juice out of the plants. How to protect flowers from ants and related pests - read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

What is the danger of ants and aphids

Ants and aphids cause significant damage to plants, causing a number of diseases, including fungal diseases. By drinking up all the nutrients, aphids deplete the shrubs and lead to the loss of flower stalks.

Aphids secrete honeydew, which is very attractive to ants. This is why both insects prefer to "stick together": ants like to eat the sweet-smelling secretions of aphids, while the latter use ants as defense organisms.

Roses also suffer from ants, although they only cause indirect damage to the shrubs. By loosening the soil, they can damage the roots. The plant will absorb less water and nutrients. If rescue measures are not taken in time, the rose will turn yellow and wilt.

How to get rid of ants on roses: a remedy from the medicine cabinet will help

How to save roses

A cheap drugstore remedy will help from ants and aphids, but in order not to burn the leaves of the plant, the proportions should be strictly observed.

Step 1: Pour 10 liters of water into a container and add 10 ml of ammonia. Mix thoroughly.

Step 2. Treatment of roses should be carried out in the morning or evening. The solution will help to get rid of ants and aphids, and the plant will receive an additional portion of nitrogen.

Step 3. You can repeat the procedure after some time. It is optimal to make 2-3 treatments per season.

Specialists advise you to try a more powerful remedy.

Necessary ingredients:

  • ammonia;
  • water;
  • laundry soap.

In 10 liters of water, add 2 tablespoons of grated laundry soap and 30 ml of ammonia.

By the way, with proper fertilization, you can prolong the blooming of roses until autumn. Fertilizer based on castor oil will help to make the bushes literally drown in buds. How to prepare a universal fertilizer - read in the material.

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