How to get rid of a yellow streak on the toilet: two effective ways

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Citric acid-based products remove limescale effortlessly.

Hard water is the source of many plumbing problems. One of them is the yellow lime streak that builds up in the toilet bowl under the cistern drain. Cleaning it seems like a very difficult task.

However, OBOZREVATEL has put together two life hacks on how to get rid of this trouble. You will need improvised means that can be found in every home or easily purchased at the nearest store.

Citric acid

Acid-based products are the best at removing limescale. One of the most effective is citric acid. It is included in many commercially available lime stain removing powders and liquids, but it can also be used in its pure form.

To use it as effectively as possible, you need to mix the acid powder used in cooking with water to a paste. In this form, the product is applied to the stain and left to act for 15-20 minutes. After that, the stain is treated with a brush or sponge and rinsed with water. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

Citric acid and baking soda

Another way to take advantage of the benefits of citric acid, even enhancing its effect, is to combine it with baking soda. Mix the two powders in equal proportions and sprinkle the mixture on the previously moistened stain. If necessary, additional water is sprayed on top of the stain to help the soda and acid react better.

Leave the product to act at least until the substances stop interacting and releasing foam. But you can leave it on longer - about 40 minutes. Afterwards, the treated area should be cleaned with a brush or sponge and rinsed well. It is better to take warm water.

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