How to get rid of a puff on tights in a minute: a fashionable life hack

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Tights on tights can be removed in a minute

Women who like to wear dresses and skirts know exactly how easy it is to tear nylon tights. Just one careless move, a rolling pin or a nail, and the look immediately looks untidy. Usually, after such an embarrassment, tights are thrown in the trash or the tear is masked with transparent varnishes to prevent it from turning into a full-fledged arrow.

However, there is an easy life hack that can help save the day. It requires nothing more than one minute of time (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

A small puff can form if you accidentally catch your tights with a fingernail or other sharp object. Although it may not be very noticeable, it adds to your insecurities and makes you want to cover the affected area.


To quickly and effectively get rid of untidy fibre clusters, pull the fibres in different directions with your fingers. This way, the fabric will stretch and the puff will disappear.

Sometimes such manipulations need to be carried out several times, rubbing the tights. If the puff is not too strong, the life hack will easily cope with it.


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