How to feed garlic, so that the harvest was the envy of the neighbors: the secret way

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The basis of fertilizer for garlic is chicken manure.

In early summer, it is the proper care of vegetables that can ensure a good and really big harvest. In particular, correct fertilizing allows you to grow really big and fragrant garlic.

OBOZREVATEL found out how to properly feed this vegetable to get an impressive harvest. In any case, these fertilizers will help to get delicious garlic.

The basis for the fertilizer should be organic, namely chicken manure. But it can be enriched by adding yeast, sugar and wood ash. To make a nutrient mixture will be needed:

  • dry yeast - 10 grams;
  • sugar - 6 tablespoons;
  • ashes - 500 grams;
  • chicken manure - 500 ml;
  • water.

The yeast must be thoroughly dissolved in a bucket of water. When they are completely dissolved, sugar and ash are added to the liquid. The future fertilizer is again thoroughly mixed. After that, manure is introduced into it. Stir the liquid again and leave it to ferment for about five hours.

When the fertilizer is infused, it must be filtered. Then, the resulting concentrate is diluted with clean water in the ratio of 1:10. The means for fertilizing garlic is ready.

It is made under the root by the method of watering. One feeding with this fertilizer should be enough for the plant for the whole summer.

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