How to fall asleep in the heat without any problems: life hacks that will make your sleep perfect

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Heat provokes insomnia

Insomnia can be triggered by many factors, from constant stress to chronic illnesses. In the summer, the feeling of physical discomfort due to the heat is added to the causes.

OBOZREVATEL has selected effective life hacks that will help you fall asleep in the summer heat. The first step is to choose the right bedding material.

Synthetic or cotton

In summer, you should choose bed linen made from light natural fabrics. It is better to leave satin, polyester and silk for the winter. Cover yourself with a fabric that can pass air - cotton is ideal.

A sheet in the freezer

An interesting, albeit short-lived, life hack: try putting the sheet you are going to sleep on in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. The pleasant coolness should be enough to fall asleep comfortably.

A hot water bottle with ice water

A hot water bottle can be used as an ice pillow: fill it with water and put it in the fridge, and take it to bed with you before going to bed.

Fan and ice

The fan should be placed in front of a window and adjusted so that the blades move in an anti-clockwise direction. You can fill a small container with ice and place it in front of the fan. However, in this case, do not switch on the device at full power - it is better to make a light cool breeze.

The Egyptian method

Lightly moisten a sheet with cold water (it should be damp, not completely wet) and use it as a bedspread. The mattress should be covered with dry towels or an extra sheet beforehand to prevent it from getting wet.


Choose cotton pyjamas. The breathable fabric will prevent sweat from staying on your body and you will not feel uncomfortable.

Cooling compresses

If you have a headache from the heat and stuffiness, put a cold compress on your forehead and try to fall asleep with it.

Water before bedtime

You will probably sweat at night, so in the morning your body can be very dehydrated. As a result, you may feel tired, have a headache, and feel dizzy. Drink some cool water before bed to restore balance.


Be sure to take a cool shower before going to bed. This will not only wash away the sweat, but also give you a pleasant relaxation that will help you fall asleep quickly. You can also place a bowl of cold water next to your bed to cool off in the middle of a stuffy night.

Sleeping on the floor

Try to position your bed as low to the floor as possible to combat the heat, as warm air collects at the top.

Eating habits

Replace meat dishes with light and nutritious ones. In summer, try to eat more vegetables and fruits.

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