How to fall asleep easily in two minutes: a fail-safe military method

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The military often have to sleep in very uncomfortable conditions, so they are taught how to fall asleep properly

The problem of falling asleep is one of the most annoying, because a sleep-deprived person feels bad, is not able to concentrate fully, and the quality of their life and work decreases. That's why we are looking for life hacks to make falling asleep easier.

Canadian fitness blogger Justin Augustin shared one such method. According to him, this method is used by the military, who have to sleep in different conditions due to their profession. Therefore, they are taught to fall asleep so that in two minutes they reach the desired degree of relaxation and fall asleep.

At the same time, Augustin promised his subscribers (he has 1.7 million of them) that they could learn to use this method in just six weeks of regular practice. 95% of people succeed. This method was first described by American athletics coach Lloyd Bud Winter in his book Relax and Win: Championship Performance. Here are the steps he mentions.

Relax your entire face

Close your eyes and start breathing slowly and deeply. Gradually relax all the muscles in your face. To begin with, try relaxing your forehead first and then your cheeks, tongue, lips and jaws.

Relieve tension from your shoulders and arms

Your task is to release any tension in your body. So keep moving down and relaxing muscle by muscle. Relax your neck and trapeziuses: you should feel like you're sinking into a soft chair or mattress. Move on to the arms from the shoulders to the fingers. First, go over one arm, then the other. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply.

Relax the rest of your body

Use the same principle to release tension in your chest, abdomen and back. Relax both legs. In the end, you should feel your body become soft and warm. But try not to think about it.

Clear your mind

Concentrate on a pleasant and relaxing image. For example, you are lying in a boat in the middle of a lake. You are gently swaying on the waves, and the warm sun is shining from above. You may also be lying in a completely dark room in a velvet black hammock. You can choose any image that works for you.

The magic mantra

If you can't calm your thoughts, start saying to yourself "Don't think" in your mind. Repeat this "mantra" for 10 seconds. At the very least, this should help you distract yourself from thinking about what might keep you awake.

After that, you should be relaxed enough to drift off to restful sleep. Falling asleep properly is an important prerequisite for quality sleep.

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