How to do laundry properly: important tips for those who have just moved out of their parents' house

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It is not difficult to learn how to do your own laundry

The new academic year is about to start and thousands of first-year students will leave their parents to start their studies. In addition to their profession, they will also have to learn independent living skills. For example, they will have to learn how to do their own laundry.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a step-by-step guide for those who have not yet done it themselves. It contains all the necessary tips to make laundry an easy task that does not burden even a very busy student.

Choose the day of the laundry

You may not have access to a washing machine all the time. Or your busy schedule won't allow you to take care of your clothes at any given time. So just add a laundry day to your standard schedule. That way, you won't miss anything and you'll be able to plan other tasks around this important chore.

Sort your laundry

Yes, it may be quick and convenient to throw everything into the drum at once. But coloured items will shed white. Therefore, clothes should be sorted at least according to this principle. This way, your favourite T-shirt won't suddenly change colour.

Read the labels on your clothes

The right washing regime will help you avoid problems such as stretching or shrinking of clothes, rapid colour fading and other troubles. How do you know which washing programme is right? Read the label on each item of clothing. It will help you sort things by type of care. Or it will prevent you from washing delicate items in the machine that require only manual care.

Treat stains right away

Whether it's cocktails from a student party, a late-night snack, or morning coffee, stains can appear on clothes at any time. It is advisable to wash them at the same time. To get started, simply apply a drop of liquid detergent to a clean cloth and blot the stained area with it, and then use a suitable stain remover. You can choose them according to the type of stain. Remember, the longer you do nothing with the stain, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

Do not overload the washing machine

Each washing machine is designed for a certain maximum load. And this should be taken into account. But it's better to put a little less laundry in it. A drum that is too tightly packed does not wash, rinse or spin the clothes well, as it prevents the water from reaching the fabrics. But you don't want to end up with a pile of dirty and wet clothes with white or yellow stains from the detergent.

Turn your clothes out before washing

Fashionable clothes often have prints and different decorations. And this decor can be damaged in the wash. To avoid this problem, it is enough to turn your clothes out before putting them in the machine. This way, your wardrobe will last longer.

Replace washing gel or powder with capsules

If you're not good enough at dosing detergent, go for capsules or tablets. They already contain exactly the right amount of detergent for one wash. Plus, you don't have to lug the whole packet with you to the laundry room.

Wash at a low temperature

If your clothes are not very dirty and do not need to be disinfected, it is sufficient to wash them in water at 30 degrees. This ensures that your clothes will be clean and reduces the risk of fading or shrinkage during washing. It is also more economical and good for the environment.

Do not leave clothes lying around in the washing machine or tumble dryer

Unload the laundry immediately after the end of the cycle. This way, you will protect your clothes from the appearance of an unpleasant odour or, God forbid, mould. For the same reason, wet clothes should be hung out to dry without delay.

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