How to cool an overheated smartphone: safe ways

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Rules for cooling your smartphone

It's normal for your smartphone to feel a little warm, because modern lithium-ion batteries give off heat during operation. However, you should be wary if the gadget gets so hot that it is impossible to hold it in your hands, in addition, the main functions and applications begin to hang up.

OBOZREVATEL has selected ways to help you quickly cool your phone. First of all, you should find out the causes of overheating.

The process of overheating

Your smartphone may feel warm when you talk on the phone for a long time, watch videos, or use gaming applications. This is completely normal. Gadgets are powered by batteries, and during this process, billions of electrons move through power circuits, causing the camera, programs, games, etc. to work. This movement generates heat. The internal temperature of the smartphone also depends on environmental conditions: the device relies on temperature regulation to function properly. That's why when the temperature is too low, the phone may stop working, and when the temperature is too high, there is a possibility of overheating.

Cooling Rules

Now let's take a closer look at the options for cooling your phone. First of all, it is recommended that the phone be turned off. The internal system will cool down quickly after you stop processing all requests. In the heat, you should use the phone carefully and not leave it in direct sunlight.

Next point - try to reduce the brightness of the screen. Darkening will reduce the load on the display and the smartphone will not produce too much heat for illumination.

Updating programs in some cases also improves the performance of the gadget, again this is due to reduced power consumption.

Turn off unnecessary functions that you do not use: GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are also causes of overheating.

An equally important rule of thumb is to ensure ventilation. Smartphones do not have their own built-in cooling systems like computers, so it is important not to cover the vents or ports through which cooling occurs.

Cleaning the memory will also improve your smartphone's performance. If you have unused apps on your phone, uninstall them to stop consuming unnecessary power.

And most importantly, don't give your smartphone temperature swings. Abrupt temperature swings will only worsen the situation.

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