How to cool a room: simple ways to escape the heat

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You can cool the room by improvised methods

Power engineers warn - with the onset of heat our energy system may start to suffer from overload again. Therefore, it is already worth preparing for heat and wondering how you can cool the room without using such an energy-intensive device as an air conditioner.

OBOZREVATEL collected proven tips on this subject. They will help to keep the temperature in the room lower without significant energy consumption.

Close windows from the sun

Sunlight and its heat enter the room through the windows, so the main rule is to prevent it from entering as much as possible. This is especially true for south-facing windows. You can do this with blinds or blackout curtains or any other similar method. It is better to remove such protection at night.

Use a protective film

There are special films for windows that let only light through and do not allow the temperature inside the room to rise. Externally, they look like foil, but from the inside they remain transparent, but darkened.

Add moisture to the air

Humidity of 50-60% helps to optimize the indoor climate whether it's cold or hot. You can use household humidifiers or arrange wide vessels of water that will evaporate water into the air.

Make the fan a source of cooling

A fan in the heat of the day is a pleasant breeze, but it can also be a source of real coolness. To do this, place a deep bowl filled with ice in front of it, which can be sprinkled with a pinch of salt for faster melting. The air flow from the fan will spread the coolness of the ice block around the room.

Turn off electrical appliances

Any electrical appliances when working give off a certain amount of heat. Oven, kettle, refrigerator or gaming computer heat up noticeably, and for example, the TV warms up almost imperceptibly. Either way, they all contribute to the heat. So anything you don't need at the moment can be safely unplugged.

Ventilate properly

In the heat, it is important to ventilate the room so as not to let the heat in from the street. Therefore, it is better to keep the windows tightly closed during the day and open them only at night, when the air outside cools down.

Use an extractor hood

An extractor hood in the kitchen or bathroom draws out the air that rises upwards. This is the warmest part of the air. So you can turn on the hood for a few minutes to cool down the atmosphere a bit.

Make an "air conditioner" out of a bed sheet

If you have trouble sleeping because of the heat, refrigerate your sheets before you go to bed. Fold a piece of cloth into a suitably sized bag and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, then spread it on the bed. The sheet will still give off the cold for a while afterwards.

You can also make a cold curtain out of a wet sheet. To do this, a large piece of textile should be wet with cold water, squeeze it out so that the fabric remains wet, but it does not drip from it, and curtain the window with it. Such a "wet filter" will cool the air coming in from the street. You can change it as the cloth dries out.

Organize a wet cleaning

As we have already realized, moisture helps to reduce the temperature in the room. Therefore, washing the floor with cold water in this case will be a reasonable idea. You can even pour ice into the bucket, so that the water is not just cold, but icy. After such a wash, the floor will still give off cold for some time.

Hide anything that accumulates heat

Any home textile heats up and then retains that heat. That's why plaids and lots of pillows work so well for coziness in winter. In summer, it is better to move the excess textiles to the pantry. This applies especially to woolen and fleece fabrics. It is possible to leave light linen, silk, satin plaids. By their structure, they even give an additional feeling of coolness.

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