How to cool a drink in a matter of minutes: summertime smart tricks

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Even without a refrigerator, you can keep your drinks pleasantly cool

One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to cool off in the summer heat is to drink something cold. But a refrigerator may not always be nearby. For example, during a picnic in the countryside.

However, there are a few tips on how to cool drinks without this household appliance. OBOZREVATEL gathered the most effective ones.

Dip the bottle into the water

If you're resting by a body of water, nature's refrigerator is right next to you - it's water. Bury the bottles in the sand at the bottom so that they are not carried away by the current, or put them in a bucket on a rope and lower them into the water if you are resting on a boat. After a while the temperature of the liquid in them becomes very pleasant - not too cold, but very refreshing. But at the surface and on the shoal, the water can still be quite warm, so to really cool your drinks down well, it's better to keep them deep.

Try a wet wrap

To keep the bottle from heating up, it's not enough not to expose it to the sun. You can wrap it in a wet towel or T-shirt and put it in a well-ventilated place, or even better in a draught. While the water will actively evaporate from the cloth, the temperature under it will remain low and the drink will remain cool. However, make sure the towel doesn't dry out completely - moisten it regularly.

Thermosack and Ice

A portable cooler for drinks can be made from a thermos bag, which is sold in every major supermarket, and ice cubes, either homemade or bought at the same supermarket. Simply put the bottles in the bag and pour the ice over them. The better insulated the bag, the longer the ice will not melt.

Same method, but plus coarse salt

If your thermal bag doesn't hold the temperature well, or if you only have a bucket or basin at hand, fill your container with water and pour in some ice and about 100 grams of salt. This will melt the ice more slowly, because salt water freezes at a lower temperature. This way, the bottles will stay colder longer.

Thermos or thermos cup

We usually think of a thermos as a container that can keep drinks hot, but its insulating properties also allow it to maintain a low temperature. Therefore, simply pouring a pre-cooled drink into such a container would be a good and effective idea.

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