How to continue battery life on the iPhone: the secrets of the Apple smartphone

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Dark theme and avoidance of some features will save the charge

After the crushing attack of the Russians on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the issue of the battery life of gadgets has risen with renewed vigor. After all, the authorities predict that there will be long power outages for some time.

For iPhone users, and with them the owners of tablets iPad their manufacturer, Apple gave some tips on how to increase the battery life on a single charge. Separate smarthacks were also collected by the Apple-iPhone edition.

Update your operating system to the latest version

Apple usually adds advanced energy-saving technologies to newer versions of its OS. So make sure that your gadget is running the latest operating system available for it.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Despite the fact that apple technology is designed for use in a wide temperature range (from 0 to 35 ° C), the ideal conditions for it is between 16 and 22 ° C. Too high a temperature can lead to a decrease in battery capacity and the autonomy of the device, too low has a similar effect, but in this case it is temporary. Anyway, keep your gadget in comfortable conditions for it.

Charge your gadget without the case

Separate damage to the battery can be caused by overheating the iPhone while charging - in this case, the software can reduce the maximum charge level to 80%. Therefore, for example, you should not charge the gadget in direct sunlight or near heating devices. It is also important to remove the case, if you notice that the smartphone starts to get hot while charging in the case.

Optimize your settings

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet is more economical for the iPhone battery. So if you have access to a wireless network, give it priority. If not, it is better to disable the Wi-Fi search. Also, the manufacturer recommends reducing the screen brightness manually or enabling its automatic adjustment.

Use power saving mode

This mode automatically reduces screen brightness, optimizes device performance, and minimizes the use of system animations. It also disables background loading of content by apps, syncing with iCloud, and some other features. The iPhone prompts you to turn on power saving when the battery level is low, but you can also turn it on manually through the Settings-Battery menu.

View battery usage information

The iOS system monitors your smartphone's battery consumption and shows you which apps are draining it by how much. You can find this data in the "Settings - Battery" menu and disable anything unnecessary.

What you can painlessly disable on your iPhone

  • Close all apps you don't use;
  • Disable Bluetooth, AirDrop, and Wi-Fi;
  • Disable Focus;
  • Avoid using power-hungry apps, such as games.

Set your gadget's screen lock

More battery power is consumed when the screen is on, so set it to auto-lock for 1 minute or even less. This can be done in the screen settings. Another way to reduce the cost of display backlighting is to disable its activation when you pick up the phone.

Turn on the night theme

The dark theme uses less battery power because it requires less backlighting. It is also safer for your eyes.

Turn off geolocation

GPS is one of the biggest battery eaters, so you can turn it off to optimize iPhone battery life. To do this, select "Privacy" and then "Geolocation Services" in the settings, then disable it for all applications where this feature is really not needed, such as maps and the navigator

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