How to clean your TV without damaging it: the best way

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How to clean your TV properly

Hardly anyone feels nostalgic for old TVs these days, but at least they were convenient to dust. The bulky boxes looked so reliable that no one was afraid of damaging them, and the spacious surface could be used for quite practical purposes - as another shelf.

Today's devices are more demanding and delicate, so cleaning is a challenge. The Lifehacker publication has described a safe way to care for thin screens.

CRTVs or tube televisions are recommended to be cleaned with conventional glass cleaners. This method is not suitable for LCD (LED) or OLED devices.

Let's start with basic safety rules - turn off the TV and unplug it. This will help it cool down and make the process safer for the screen. It will also make it easier to see spots, streaks, and dirt. The most effective tip is usually ignored, and it is to read the user manual or go to the manufacturer's website, where you can usually find instructions for each model.

Marla Mock, president of Neighborly Molly Maid, said that cleaning your TV should be a standard part of your home cleaning routine. If you clean regularly, even a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth will prevent dust from accumulating in vents, speakers, or other crevices.

With plastic parts, it's simple - clean them with the usual means you use to remove dust from any other plastic surface.

The cloth used to wipe the screen should be dry. If the contamination has reached a critical level, use only solutions specifically labeled as safe for screens.

As a last resort, you can lightly moisten the microfiber cloth with distilled water. But please note that the cloth should be only slightly damp, do not soak it completely, and no dripping should occur.

The basic rule when using liquid products is that the cleaning solution should be sprayed on the cloth, not on the TV itself. This rule applies to any electronics. Rub in a circular motion, but do not press too hard - LED screens are known to be sensitive to pressure.

And finally, don't forget to wipe the remote control with a disinfectant wipe.

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