How to clean windows to make them shine like a hotel: you don't need a rag

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Lifehack for cleaning windows

Windows accumulate dirt inside and out, so they need to be cleaned regularly. To avoid wasting too much money and time, you can use one simple lifehack.

Window cleaning sprays are expensive, but often leave dirt and streaks on the glass. How to clean your windows quickly and efficiently, Express has learned.

How to clean windows quickly and without streaks

There is one very easy and effective way. It is necessary to take white vinegar and newspaper. But first you should clean the windows from dust - an ordinary paper towel will help.

In an empty spray bottle, add water and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1. Only white vinegar is suitable - it leaves no residue. The acids will help break down all dirt and even grease stains on the glass.

Spray the solution on the glass and immediately wipe with crumpled pieces of newspaper. Compared to standard rags and towels, newspaper has a rather stiff structure. It does not delaminate and does not leave lint after cleaning. You can also get microfiber cloths.

Using the newspaper, you should not rub the window frame with it, because after the ink can remain serious stains. It is better to wipe the frame with a paper towel.

Finally, polish the glass with a dry piece of newspaper.

The job takes no more than 10 minutes. Both sides of the window will be shining clean.

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