How to clean wax on different surfaces: home life hacks

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How to clean wax stains

The Russians have not abandoned their intentions to blackmail Ukrainians. Another hard military winter is ahead. Last year's shelling of critical infrastructure facilities showed us that we should prepare for blackouts in advance.

And so it is that in the 21st century we are once again returning to the good old candles, which used to be used only to add romance and atmosphere. Problems arise: the wax drips on various surfaces, and it is quite difficult to clean it. OBOZ.UA figured out how to quickly clean wax.

Wax on the table

Do not rush to immediately remove the wax drops that have spilled on the table. It is better to leave the wax for a while to harden. You can speed up the cooling by using ice cubes.

Take a spatula and carefully scrape the wax off the table. You can also use improvised objects: the blunt side of a knife or an unnecessary plastic card.

How to remove wax marks

There are related problems: after removing the paraffin stain, noticeable traces may remain on the surface, especially if the candle was colored or scented with essential oils. Experts advise melting the remaining paraffin with a hairdryer and removing the residue with a paper towel. You can also try wiping the stain with a pencil eraser. A mixture of water and baking soda in a 3:1 ratio will also be effective - gently wipe the damaged surfaces with the solution.

Wax on clothes

If a drop of wax falls on your clothes, first cool the paraffin and scrape it off with the blunt side of a knife. If this leaves a greasy stain on the fabric, a stain remover with enzymes in it will help remove it. Or you can mix the laundry detergent with water to a thick paste, apply it to the stain and leave it on for 15-10 minutes, then rinse the fabric and wash the item.

Wax on a carpet or rug

The hardest part is removing paraffin wax from a shag carpet or rug. As in the previous cases, you need to cool the wax and scrape off large pieces. The remaining paraffin wax between the villi can be removed with a warm iron or hair dryer. Put several layers of paper towels on top of the wax and run a warm (not hot) iron or hair dryer over it. When the wax melts, it will be absorbed into the paper.

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