How to clean up the apartment if guests are on the doorstep: a quick lifehack

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How to clean an apartment quickly

There is often a force majeure situation when guests are about to arrive, but there is still no time for cleaning. Experts say that you can clean the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room in just 20 minutes.

The Sun has revealed some simple lifehacks to help get your home clean when you're in a rush. Caroline Solomon (on TikTok @neat.caroline ), an organizing, cleaning and DIY expert, shared her method for how to quickly and efficiently clean your home when guests are on your doorstep.

Living Room

The overall impression of a house starts with the living room. First of all, clear the clutter from the sofa. Shake the trash out of the crevices, get a beautiful plaid from the closet, fluff up the cushions - do everything to make it pleasant and comfortable for your guests to sit down for a conversation.

Give the coffee table a quick wipe down, removing stains and fingerprints with an all-purpose detergent. If you have magazines or books, place them neatly and level.


Vinegar and water can be used to quickly clean the oven door. Fill a spray gun with vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. Mix thoroughly, spray on grease stains and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Then hide dirty rags and kitchen towels, wash dishes.


Your guests will definitely want to wash their hands after being outdoors. That's why it's important to remember to clean the bathroom.

Caroline Solomon suggests wiping down mirrors with the same solution of vinegar and water, or using a professional glass cleaner.

Be sure to replace dirty towels with new or washed towels.


In the bedroom, the main thing is a tidy bed. Therefore, you should tuck it in with a plaid or blanket. If you have a habit of leaving clothes on the chair - quickly hide them in the closet.

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