How to clean the washing machine from limescale and unpleasant odor: three tips

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Timely cleaning and proper care will avoid problems with the washing machine

During operation, the washing machine accumulates lime scale from hard water, small particles of fabric fibers and detergent residues on the parts of the mechanism. If you often wash at a low temperature, in this plaque can enter the bacteria and fungi, which causes an unpleasant smell from the drum.

Fortunately, the problem of scale, dirt and odor from the washer can be solved all in one fell swoop. OBOZREVATEL tells about three home remedies that will help with this. Inexpensive and affordable ingredients are useful for all.

Soda and vinegar

These two substances, reacting, destroy lime deposits and disinfect the parts of the washing machine. To make them interact properly, you need to take a quarter cup of dry baking soda and dilute it with the same amount of water. This liquid is sent to the detergent tray. Vinegar is also poured directly into the drum - we are talking about white vinegar or ordinary table vinegar in concentration of 9%. You will need two cups of the product. Then start the washing cycle without things. It is necessary to choose the longest program and the highest temperature. When the cycle is completed, the machine should be thoroughly aired, so that the residual vinegar smell disappears.

Citric acid

This substance is the basis of many commercial laundry care products. If you use food-grade acid, it will be much cheaper, and the effect will be similar. To clean the machine, you need to take 1 to 6 packets of dry citric acid - depending on the degree of contamination. The product is poured into the laundry detergent tray and the machine is started on an empty wash with a long cycle and high temperature.


Chlorine bleach will do a better job of disinfecting the mechanism of the machine. Although lime will also clean well enough. Depending on how badly soiled the appliance is, it is necessary to pour up to 1 liter of the product into the drum. Then the machine is started on the longest mode of washing with high temperature. And before rinsing, the washing is paused. Filled with water with bleach, the machine should "soak" for one hour, after which the cycle is resumed. When the rinse is complete, the washer will need to be rinsed of residual chlorine. To do this, it is once again run idle, but already on a short program and at a temperature of 30 degrees.

How to prevent problems with the washing machine

It is recommended to clean your washing machine 2-3 times a year. Also, to prevent the accumulation of dirt inside the device, it is necessary to follow simple rules.

  • Do not exceed the dosage of the washing agent. Foam can settle in the mechanism and lead to the development of bacteria and mold.
  • Soak clothes before washing if they are very dirty. This way you reduce the use of detergent or gel in the machine. In addition, this approach to taking care of things is more gentle.
  • Leave the machine door and detergent tray ajar after washing. This allows excess moisture to evaporate. And it is in a humid environment that bacteria and mold develop.

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