How to clean the toilet bowl from stains and make it fresh and shiny: genius lifehack

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How to clean the toilet bowl

The main cause of stains and lime scale on the toilet bowl is hard tap water. Over time, dirt and plaque accumulate, microbes begin to multiply, and it becomes very difficult to clean the sanitary ware.

Ordinary bleach will not always cope with the problem. Acid-based products such as citric acid or vinegar will be more effective. The Express recommends using Coca-Cola to clean the toilet bowl.

Cleaning expert Sarah Dempsey and interior designer Vicky Foster have come up with an effective cleaning trick that will scrub away limescale and dirt in just 10 minutes. You won't need any harsh chemicals. The cleansing properties of cola will help make your toilet fresh and shiny.

Step 1. Take a bottle of cola and pour the drink on the most dirty places in the toilet bowl.

Step 2. The product needs time to work. Leave the cola to soak into the surface for about an hour, repeating the procedure periodically.

Step 3. Clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush.

"Cola will quickly and efficiently remove stubborn stains on the toilet bowl and leave it fresh and clean," experts said.

Cola contains quite a few acids, particularly phosphoric and citric acids, which is why this carbonated beverage is often used as a cleaning agent.

Another effective way to get rid of lime scale is to make lotions of citric acid. A packet of citric acid should be dissolved in a glass of water, soak a strip of toilet paper in the remedy and place it on the stains. After a few hours, rub the stains with a scrubber and rinse off the water. Or you can simply pour citric acid into the toilet bowl. Two sachets will be enough. After 3-4 hours, clean the plumbing with a scrubber and rinse with water.

By the way, acetic acid is suitable for moderately soiled surfaces. To clean the toilet bowl, it is recommended to mix it with salt or baking soda. Read more about the proportions - read in the material.

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