How to clean the fur on a jacket: simple home methods

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How to clean the fur on a jacket

The warm weather is already behind us, so you need to start preparing for the cold snap and take your outerwear out of the closet. If your jacket is decorated with fur, you can clean it yourself without spending money on professional dry cleaning.

OBOZREVATEL has found effective ways to do this. These methods are suitable for both artificial and natural fur.

To see even the slightest dirt on your clothes, you will need a hair dryer. Aim a jet of air at the fur, clean villi will fly away and quickly return to their place, while dirty ones will change shape and look untidy.


Before you clean stains and dirt, you must first get rid of the dust that has been collecting on the clothes in your closet for months.

Spread a cotton cloth on a clean floor and lightly dampen it with water. Place the jacket on top and use a fly swatter to lightly knock out all the dust from one side and the other. If you see that the fur villi are tangled, soak them with a little warm water and comb them out with a comb.

Shine solution

To restore the shine to your fur, you can prepare a solution made from natural ingredients. To do this, mix vinegar, lemon juice, and water in a one-to-one ratio. Dampen a sponge and wipe the necessary places. But avoid excessive wetting of the villi.

Yellow spots

If you have light-colored fur, yellow spots may appear on it. You can get rid of them with an effective solution. Add one tablespoon of salt and half a tablespoon of ammonia to a glass of warm water. Wet a cloth and wipe the fur.

You can also use cat or dog shampoo if you have pets. Dissolve one tablespoon of the shampoo in warm water to form a lather. Then moisten a sponge and apply to the necessary areas, leave for 5 minutes, rinse and let the garment dry.


A white fur collar can be cleaned with talcum powder, starch or semolina. Pour the mixture onto the stained area and spread it evenly with a soft brush. Then shake the collar and repeat the procedure several times until the semolina or starch begins to darken. A dark fur collar can be cleaned with rye bran, sawdust or sand in the same way.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published effective ways to help clean a jacket without washing it.

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