How to clean laminate flooring so that it lasts for years: rules for homeowners

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Laminate flooring requires special cleaning

When cleaning, special attention should be paid to laminate flooring. This material can be damaged by using the wrong chemicals.

To keep the laminate in good condition and remove all the dirt, you need to follow a few tips. OBOZREVATEL will help to cope with this.

Laminate flooring gets damaged over time due to people walking, scratches from furniture and different stains and products. To clean the surface effectively, you'll need a few tools that every home has.

First, you need to sweep the floor or remove debris with a vacuum cleaner. Choose a hard surface attachment, as a carpet brush can damage the laminate.

An important rule of floor cleaning is to avoid too much water. This can cause the surface to swell and become uneven. Therefore, use a small amount of water to clean so that the floor is damp, not wet.

Add some special laminate floor cleaner to the water, lightly dampen the mop and wipe the floor. You can also add lemon juice to the water if there are greasy stains on the floor. Such a mixture will remove all dirt.

If the floor gets dirty quickly, you should clean only certain areas to avoid damaging the material with water. It is better to remove the stains at once, rather than washing the entire floor.

When there are colored or oil stains on the laminate, acetone can be used, but only in very small amounts.

After mopping, immediately wipe the floor with a clean, dry towel or mop to remove excess moisture. This final step ensures that detergent or water residue will not damage the laminate.

If you feel a film on your laminate flooring or perhaps see it in the sunlight, it could mean that you used the wrong cleaning products.

To get rid of this, add lemon juice to water and wipe the floor every week. Vinegar will also help: add a cup of the liquid to water and rinse the necessary areas.

Laminate flooring should not be cleaned with dishwashing detergents, as the floor will be sticky and unpleasant to the touch. Abrasive products containing bleach and ammonia can also damage the surface. Steam is dangerous for laminate, because it weakens the top protective layer and the coating deteriorates faster.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL shared the effective mixture for cleaning, which will give your home a new life.

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