How to clean and polish a wooden door to a high shine: tips and tricks

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To restore the shine of wooden doors, you can use improvised means

Wooden doors add luxury to any interior. In particular, thanks to their noble shine. But due to constant hand contact, they quickly tarnish and lose their appearance. Also dust, grease, cobwebs and dirt are common things on a door surface. And the luxury effect of such an interior design disappears.

However, it is not so difficult to return the original shine to the wood. OBOZREVATEL tells about simple and effective lifehacks.

How to clean the natural wood doors

Natural wood doors are prone to the formation of dark or whitish stains when using abrasive detergents because of their porous structure. Therefore, anything that can scratch them during the cleaning process should be avoided.

Start caring for such a door by dry dusting it. Then wipe the stains with a solution of ammonia in water, polishing the treated area with a slightly damp microfiber cloth in the direction of the fibers. This will help to wipe off any detergent residue. To restore the natural shine, apply polishing fluid or natural wax in the door tone.

How to clean a varnished wooden door

In cleaning a varnished door, the main task is not to damage the varnish layer. A solution of white vinegar will cope well with this. Dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:4 and spray on the door leaf from a sprayer. Then with a microfiber cloth rub the mixture into the surface in the direction of the fibers. Finally go over it with a moistened cloth to wash off the vinegar residue once more time. This method is effective in removing grease stains.

How to polish a varnished wooden door

If the lacquer layer has lost its shine, olive oil will rescue the situation. Take a soft textile napkin, put a few drops of the product on it and rub it thoroughly over the surface of the door. The layer of oil should be as thin as possible, then the shine will be uniform and will be preserved for a long time.

How to clean a very dirty wooden door

If the wooden door is very dirty, has stains and persistent contaminants on it, you'd need to wash it with a delicate cleaning agent. To make it, mix three tablespoons of baking soda with a little liquid soap and five drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture with a semi-moist cloth, paying special attention to the dirtiest areas. After cleaning, wipe the door leaf with a clean, damp cloth thoroughly.

Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning wooden doors

  • Avoid abrasive detergents that can damage the varnish or wax coating on the door;
  • remove dust before cleaning so that it does not collect in streaks and scratch the wood;
  • use a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid damaging the door;
  • finish any cleaning by wiping with a microfiber cloth to remove all moisture.

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