How to clean a yoga mat so that it looks like new

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How to clean a yoga mat

Yoga is a popular practice, which is not only a set of physical exercises but also a certain philosophy of being aware of yourself and your body and achieving inner harmony. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles and is useful for the prevention of diseases of the spine, as well as the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Sufficiently complex exercises need physical endurance and quality equipment. USA Today shared how to clean a yoga mat.

How to prepare a solution for mat cleaning

A yoga mat protects your joints and muscles from pain and injury during exercise. However, sweat and dirt accumulating on the surface of your mat can quickly turn your workout into an unhygienic slip.

Sure, you can purchase special sprays to clean your mats, but it's much cheaper and easier to make the remedy yourself. An effective solution will not only clean and disinfect the surface but also help get rid of unpleasant odors without leaving toxic fumes.

Take distilled water and white vinegar. You can also use witch hazel extract, which is a mild, non-toxic ingredient that helps disinfect and deodorize. If you don't have it, white vinegar is a great alternative.

Mix water and vinegar in a 4:1 ratio, as this ratio provides safe and effective cleaning.

To eliminate unpleasant odor, add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, orange or tea tree (your choice) to the solution. However, too much oil can leave greasy streaks on the mat.

Spray the cleaning solution onto the yoga mat. Using a soft, damp cloth or towel, gently wipe the mat to remove dirt and sweat from the surface. Using a mild solution for regular maintenance will help prevent damage to the mat. Wash the mat when necessary, but at least once every 1-2 weeks.

Another effective lifehack is a solution of soap (or dishwashing detergent) and water. This gentle and effective solution will help break down the residues of dirt, grease and sweat. Rinse it thoroughly to remove the soap residue after applying the mixture.

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