How to clean a non-stick frying pan quickly

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How to clean a non-stick frying pan

The non-stick coating makes cooking more efficient. It thickens the walls and bottom of the cookware and helps to ensure even heating and long-lasting heat retention.

Nonstick pans are generally very easy to clean. Proper washing is also necessary for longer and better use of the cookware. OBOZREVATEL tells you about a simple and effective way to clean non-stick pans.

How to prepare an effective detergent

The necessary ingredients:

  • laundry soap
  • water
  • a soft brush or sponge.

A simple and gentle way to wash is to use laundry soap with a 72% mark: the percentage indicates the fatty acid content of the product.

Step 1. Rub the laundry soap on a coarse grater.

Step 2. Put the soap shavings in a frying pan and add 150 ml of water. Mix the mixture thoroughly and bring to a boil.

Step 3. Wait until the soap dissolves and the mixture becomes a little thick. Then turn off the stove and let the mixture cool.

How to clean a non-stick frying pan

Using a soft brush or sponge, wipe the pan with the solution on both sides until a dense foam forms. Leave the detergent on for 15-20 minutes to allow the active ingredients to work.

Rinse the pan under running water and you will be pleased with the result. Grease will be removed even in hard-to-reach places, such as at the base of the handle.

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