How to clean a mirror so that it sparkles and there are no streaks: an easy way

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The mirror can also be protected from fogging for two weeks.

Try to somehow calculate how much time you spend in front of the mirror every day? The figure might surprise you. So why not give yourself the best possible view? To do this, of course, you'll have to do some work and clean the mirror.

How to do it without leaving any streaks, found out OBOZREVATEL. We also tell you how to make sure that the mirror in the bathroom did not fog up.

How to properly clean a mirror

Start by removing stubborn stains. On the mirrors in the bathroom or on the dressing table can remain particles of hair styling products, a variety of cosmetics, fingerprints, toothpaste, etc. Alcohol can easily dissolve them. Rub the surface with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol and the stains will disappear.

To clean your mirror, use your usual glass cleaner. It can be a factory liquid or something you made with your own hands. The main thing is to be sure of the result.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the mirror. Work from edge to edge and then top to bottom and don't use circular motions, which are what leave the most streaks.

If you want to make sure the mirror is clean enough, walk around the room and look at it from different angles. Any stains or fingerprints left behind after this treatment can be removed by polishing it with a little white vinegar and paper towels. This will give you a shiny, stain-free surface.

How to prevent mirror fogging

To keep your mirror from getting a fine mist of water vapor when you take a bath or shower, use a dishwashing detergent. Take a drop of liquid or gel, rub it thoroughly on the surface and polish it off with a paper towel. This treatment should be enough for about two weeks, after which the procedure will have to be repeated.

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