How to clean a makeup sponge: three easy ways

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A sponge is a delicate makeup tool, so you need to clean it accordingly

Taking care of your makeup tools is very important if you want to keep your skin healthy. After all, brushes, brushes, and sponges can accumulate and multiply bacteria that can cause rashes and inflammation if they come into contact with your face again.

OBOZREVATEL tells you how to clean a cosmetic sponge properly. Its porous structure absorbs the most cosmetics and sebum, and it is the most difficult to clean it so that it is completely free of dirt and bacteria. But three methods have proven to work very well.

With liquid soap

Fill a bowl with lukewarm, clean water and take a liquid cosmetic soap. For a better effect, you can take an antibacterial one. Dissolve a few drops of soap in water and put a sponge in the bowl. When it is saturated with water, gently press on it several times to allow water to pass through the pores of the instrument and rinse them. Then change the soapy water to clean water and repeat the procedure to rinse the sponge. Repeat the steps until it stops emitting foam. But remember to press gently so as not to damage the material from which the item is made. Finally, gently squeeze the tool and let it air dry naturally.

Using solid soap

If you don't have liquid soap on hand, you can clean your cosmetic sponge with a solid bar. Wet the object and rub it gently, without excessive pressure, and then gently squeeze it in your hand several times. This will allow the foam to pass through the entire sponge. Then rinse it as described in the previous method.

In the microwave

High temperature kills bacteria, so this method will not only rinse the sponge, but also properly disinfect it. First, rinse the item as in the first method, but choose a microwave-safe container. Next, place the container with soapy water and the sponge in the oven and turn it on for one minute. Afterwards, let the instrument cool and rinse as described earlier.

How often should I clean my makeup sponge?

Ideally, it's best to clean it after every use, especially if you don't wear makeup often. But if you're short on time, try to do it after at least two or three applications. When rinsing, handle the item carefully and never twist it. And don't forget to change the sponge every three months - that's the expiration date.

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