How to clean a clogged sink yourself: methods with a magical effect

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How to clean the drain

Bathroom and kitchen sink drains can easily become blocked by various build-ups such as grease, hair, soap suds, etc., so it's important to know how to deal with this common problem. The drain can be easily cleaned, so you don't always need to call a plumber.

There are several effective life hacks that will help you unblock the sink quickly. The details were revealed by the Express.

Unpleasant odours, strange sounds, and slow water flow may indicate problems with the drainage system. These are the first signs that you need to clear the blockage as soon as possible.

Baking soda and vinegar

With this simple and cheap method, you can prevent a serious sink blockage. Baking soda can also effectively clean the toilet bowl.

First, boil water and pour the boiling water down the sink drain to dissolve organic matter. Then pour baking soda directly into the hole. After a few minutes, pour in a cup of white vinegar. The mixture should fizz. A chemical reaction will occur, which is necessary to clean the dirt that creates the blockage. Then boil a kettle of water again and pour it down the drain.

You can proceed as follows: boiling water - a cup of soda - boiling water again, without adding vinegar. But it is important to let the baking soda work and wait at least 5 minutes before pouring in the second portion of water.

Washing powder

Washing powder can effectively clean a drain, according to professionals. They recommend pouring two tablespoons of laundry detergent into the hole and then rinsing it with boiling water. The treatment may need to be repeated several times, depending on how bad the blockage is.

Drain snake

You can use a drain snake. Carefully lower the wire into the drain until you feel the obstruction. Then unwind the coil on the handle. As you spin, you should feel the blockage start to move and break. Continue gently until the resistance stops.

Remove the snake, open the tap and see if the water flows freely. If this does not help, try again.


For those who don't have a drain snake on hand, the plumbing expert suggested trying a quick, do-it-yourself alternative. A straightened wire hanger or mesh wire can be used to unblock and clean drains.

Just as with the drain snake, carefully push the wire down the bottom of the plug until you find the blockage. Gradually push harder until the blockage is pushed through.

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