How to bring wilted indoor flowers back to life: a simple solution works wonders

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Faded houseplants

In summer, exposure to the scorching sun and high temperatures can cause indoor plants to wilt. Not all of them tolerate the heat well. Experts recommend using a natural, eco-friendly solution that can be prepared from available ingredients.

The publication Informacion told about the ideal way to revitalize and save indoor plants. However, first you need to determine the reasons for the deterioration of flowers.

Why indoor plants can wither

Experts identify three main reasons for the deterioration of indoor plants:

1. Inadequate watering - lack of water or excess water can be the main reason why plants have started to wilt. Make sure you are providing them with the right amount of water at the right time.

2. Improper lighting - insufficient or excessive light and intense sunlight can cause leaf deterioration and flower stalks to fall off. Determine the plants' needs and provide them with the optimum amount of light.

3. Unfavorable temperatures - Plants are also sensitive to temperature changes. Some are intolerant of drafts and excessive heat.

Universal solution recipe

The universal solution will help to quickly revitalize indoor plants.

You only need two common ingredients:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • 1 spoonful of sugar.

The procedure is very simple:

  1. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until the sugar is completely dissolved in the water.
  2. Fill a watering can with the solution.
  3. Carefully spray the solution on wilted plants.

It is important to remember the correct ratio: 1 tablespoon of sugar for every liter of water. If you need more solution, simply adjust the proportions accordingly. Excessive amounts of sugar can lead to diseases, including fungal diseases.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told how to check whether it is already necessary to water the indoor plant.

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