How to behave in transportation: etiquette rules for children

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Children can make a lot of noise and jostle in transportation because of their inherent activity

Any child from an early age starts to get into situations where they have to interact with other people, and therefore requires learning the rules of etiquette. Modern requirements are more focused not so much on good manners and trying to impress, but on creating a comfortable environment where no one's boundaries are violated.

One of the situations where avoiding unnecessary discomfort is very important is traveling on public transportation. OBOZREVATEL tells how etiquette can help a child while traveling around the city.

Children need communication more than adults, so phone conversations between teenagers can be literally endless. But in a public place, even one as crowded as transportation, it can be inappropriate. Therefore, you need to teach your child to postpone long calls for a time when he will be in a more comfortable environment for this. Also, do not raise your voice during the conversation. After all, unnecessary noise can greatly disturb other people. Not to mention listening to other people's secrets.

By the way, as far as unnecessary noise is concerned: listening to music through the speakers of a phone or other gadget in any public place is a terrible mauvais. Unfortunately, not even all adults know about this rule.

But this was advice about acoustic discomfort, but what about physical discomfort? It can cause a voluminous school backpack. Worn on the back, while driving, it can push other passengers and even injure them. Therefore, the backpack should be removed and kept in front of you or turned so that it is in front and the child can hold it and control its movements.

By the way, putting a school bag on a free passenger seat is also considered a violation of etiquette. It should be held on your lap if the child is sitting, or in your hands if he or she is standing. If someone from the company of children got a sitting seat, in this case it would be polite to offer to pick up the most oversized luggage.

Well, and in regards to any food in transportation. It is better to postpone the moment of enjoying your favorite ice cream or even an apple until the trip is over. After all, food can stain other passengers or the interior of the transport, and some products and dishes smell strongly, which can irritate some people. And in the end, it's just uncomfortable trying to eat in a wobbly cabin.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told how etiquette advises to make remarks to other people, so as not to offend them.

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