How to behave in the gym according to the rules of etiquette

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Gym etiquette

There are also rules of etiquette in the gym. Unfortunately, few people follow them. When exercising on machines or coming to group training sessions, you should not forget about respect for others.

Often gym-goers like to sit down to rest on the machines during breaks after exercise. To know why you should not do that and if can you take boys in women's locker rooms, read OBOZREVATEL material.

Rule 1

You have done a strength exercise and are ready to proceed to the next one. Remember that you should always return the machine to its original position. Collecting and dismantling equipment is part of the exercise. The trainer is not obligated to disassemble the barbells after you.

Rule 2

You can rest between exercises standing or sitting on benches or even on the floor. It is not a good idea to sit on exercise equipment to rest. You may disturb others.

Rule 3

You think that you know the technique of all exercises and you are annoyed that someone on the neighboring machine does the approach incorrectly. They may spread their arms too wide, breathe incorrectly or slouch. Refrain from unsolicited advice and focus on yourself. There are trainers on duty at the gym who can help and advise. The only exception to this is when doing an exercise incorrectly could be a health hazard.

Rule 4

If you choose group exercise classes, show up for them on time. Fitness, yoga, stretching and other classes are usually held at the gym. If you're late, you'll miss the warm-up, which is the most important part of your workout. Unheated muscles lead to injury.

Rule 5

Large mirrors are great for taking selfies. However, not in the gym. If you decide to take a picture of your reflection, remember that gym mirrors are hung to monitor proper exercise technique, so make sure you're not in anyone's way first.

Rule 6

If you come to the gym with a child, don't ignore the men's and women's locker room rules. Women often take boys into the women's locker rooms. However, a situation where a man brings a girl into the men's locker room is already a cause for concern. Children over the age of 5 are capable of changing on their own. Boys should change in the boys' locker room and girls in the girls' locker room.

Rule 7

You've completed your exercises and want to wash off the sweat. Public showers in gyms are not the place for spa treatments, shaving, wax strips or scrubs. Use a shower gel at most. Other procedures should be done at home.

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