How to banish Colorado potato beetles from the garden: a recipe for a life-saving mixture

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An effective pest spray can be prepared on your own.

Colorado potato beetles are one of the most annoying garden pests. They reproduce quickly, produce large offspring and have an enormous appetite, which destroys potato bushes very quickly. If you do not deal with them in time, all efforts to grow crops will be in vain. Therefore, the treatment of the garden from the Colorado potato begin long before the flowering of this vegetable.

Usually, chemical insecticides are used to combat striped pests. Also, manual collection of beetle larvae and their further destruction is used. But you can also prepare a remedy with more environmentally friendly ingredients. OBOZREVATEL tells several recipes.

Spraying with garlic

The stinging substances in garlic can kill Colorado potato beetles just as well as store-bought products. It is best to use their properties in the form of spraying. Then the necessary substances will get on the leaves, which the beetles feed on, and destroy the pest without damaging the plant.

To prepare the appropriate liquid, you need to take 200 grams of garlic cloves - not necessarily peeled, crush them and stir them in a bucket of water. Next, the bucket is placed on a low heat and boiled, stirring for 60-80 minutes. When the garlic boiled well, add 40 milliliters of liquid laundry soap (you can also dissolve 40 grams of grated dry soap in water), stir the liquid and immediately turn off the fire. The mixture should be allowed to cool and immediately after that it can be used to treat potato bushes.

Spraying with onion husks

Onions are also quite good at destroying Colorado potato beetles. The pest cannot stand even the smell of this plant, so the unused part of the vegetable can help in the fight against it.

To prepare the spraying, 0.5 kg of dried onion husks will be needed. It is poured into a bucket, pour 10 liters of cold water, cover the bucket and leave in a cool shady place for two days. When the infusion is ready, filter it, and stir in the resulting liquid 60 ml of laundry soap. The spray is immediately ready for use.

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