How to banish cockroaches: three proven grandma's methods

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Cockroaches do not like ammonia, turpentine and boric acid.

Cockroaches in the home are not just another insect to ignore. Because of their way of eating, they deal with waste and therefore carry fungal spores, helminth eggs and other insect pests, pathogenic bacteria and other unpleasant things on their paws. In addition, they reproduce very quickly, and the pair can soon become a whole swarm.

However, even our grandmothers had a whole list of effective ways to combat cockroaches. OBOZREVATEL gathered them into one material.


Insects are disgusted by the strong smell of this product. They try to stay away from ammonia. To prepare a liquid to drive away cockroaches, you need to dilute ammonia in a bucket in the proportion of 1 tablespoon of the product per liter of water and wash the floor with this solution. It can also be used to treat vents and other ducts through which pests can enter the house.

Boric acid

In cockroaches, the substance causes severe damage to the nervous system, which paralyzes them and kills them. Such a "treat" should be mixed with something tasty for the insects. For example, with mashed potatoes, egg yolk or bread crumbs. Then the mixture is used to make balls and place them in corners where cockroaches are most often spotted. You can also scatter boric acid powder along baseboards and plumbing fixtures.


Another "fragrant" product that repels cockroaches. With it you just need to smear the cracks in which the insects often hide, as well as vents and baseboards. Treat the house with turpentine should wear gloves, do not touch the face in the process, and make sure that pets do not approach the turpentine.

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