How to achieve perfect freshness in a bedroom

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Freshness in the bedroom depends not so much on the smell as on the air quality

The quality of sleep depends on the freshness of the air in the bedroom. It's not about the scent at all. It's easy to fill the room with some kind of fragrance. But getting rid of dust and ensuring the right temperature and air circulation is something you need to work on.

OBOZ.UA asked experts what exactly you need to do to make your bedroom fresh. Here are their tips that will work even if your sleeping nook is not in a separate room but in a niche without a window.

Wash your bedding regularly

Stale bedding can smell unpleasant due to constant contact with the body, emitting dust. That's why you need to wash it regularly. The average frequency is about once a week but this may vary depending on the circumstances.

Do not keep the laundry basket by the bedside

It may seem like a good idea to keep a laundry hamper by your bed as you just dump your clothes in it before you go to bed and then take them to the washing machine when they're full. In reality, stale clothes emit an unpleasant odor and collect dust. Therefore, it is better to find another place for such a basket like in the bathroom or even in a closed closet.

Do wet cleaning regularly

Although the bedroom floor may not seem to get as dirty as, say, the hallway or kitchen, dust settles here almost faster than in other rooms. That's why you should wet clean where you sleep at least once a week. Even if you just dust and wash the floor with plain water without adding any products, you will already have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the room.

Get some air-purifying plants

Living pots are not only beautiful as many easy-to-care-for plants can also filter the air. Such living purifiers include, for example, sansevieria, aloe vera, and spathiphyllums. They can absorb benzene, formaldehyde, and other not-so-healthy gases from the air without harming themselves, and release useful oxygen instead. But don't forget to dust the leaves of the plants regularly to make them more effective.

Use essential oils

A few drops of your favorite essential oil applied to the vents will fill the room with a natural fragrance that is not too intense. Moreover, such fragrances do not emit combustion products like candles or incense sticks. To freshen up the atmosphere in your bedroom with oil, take your favorite product and mix it in a 1:1 ratio with a base oil (almond, jojoba, or even deodorized sunflower) and apply this mixture to the ventilation openings with a cotton pad. Aromatherapy experts recommend choosing lavender and eucalyptus scents as they improve sleep quality.

Don't forget about ventilation

If you have a window in your bedroom, don't forget to open it from time to time for at least a few minutes. Nothing will freshen up the room like fresh air from the street. Even if it's freezing outside, make sure to ventilate. Even a few minutes will be enough to feel the effect.

Choose natural bedding

Cotton and linen are the true gold standard when it comes to bedding. They are highly breathable and absorb moisture. They also do not retain odors as much as synthetics. Both materials are also hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, and non-slip. They are easier to wash and regulate temperature during sleep better. Just the advantages.

Turn over and ventilate your mattress

It's not just the bedding that can start to emit odors over time if you don't take care of it. The mattress can do the same. Therefore, it needs a little maintenance as well every 3-6 months. Turn it over several times a year. During this procedure, don't forget to vacuum it properly. It's a good idea to take pillows, blankets, and rugs out for airing.

Deodorize the room with baking soda

Any soft materials in the bedroom, such as carpets, can absorb odors. Baking soda is quite capable of freshening them up. Sprinkle the carpet, chair seat, etc. generously with the dry cleaner and leave it to act for several hours overnight or while you're at work. Then vacuum up the residue. The odor will disappear completely.

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