How often pajamas should be washed: opinions online are divided

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How often pajamas should be washed

Pajamas should be washed regularly, because skin grease, sweat, dead cells and bacteria accumulate on the fabric. If hygiene is poor, germs come into contact with wounds, pimples and skin irritations, causing various diseases.

In the network do not subside discussions on the question: whether it is necessary to wash pajamas every day and in general, how often should it be done? Opinions are radically divided.

Allison Delperdang, a blogger from the USA, asked on TikTok if there are people among her readers who do not wash their pajamas for several nights. Allison admitted to wearing pajamas for three nights in a row. It would seem nothing surprising: we usually put on our pajamas in the evening, on clean skin, after taking a shower. However, many users were completely stunned by Allison's comments, believing that not washing pajamas every night is a disgusting habit.

Habits are formed from childhood. Some parents were forced by their parents to change their pajamas every night, while other children could play all day at home in their pajamas and then go to bed in them. Most American users wrote that they are used to changing their pajamas every time before bed and have several sets of sleepwear. Others noted that they wash their clothes as they get dirty.

The frequency of washing depends on several things: starting with your body's characteristics and ending with the fabric you choose. If you often sweat at night, pajamas should be washed more often. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester can absorb sweat, bacteria and skin grease. The body in such pajamas simply won't breathe.

By the way, experts noted that pajamas, which are used as home and sleepwear, should be washed every three to four days. At the same time, if you are used to shower every evening before going to bed, the periodicity can be extended to 5-7 days. In summer, it is better to wash your pajamas every other day or every day. What temperature of washing in this case should be chosen - read in the material.

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