How often do you need to wash your bed to avoid bacteria: the experts' answer

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We spend more time in bed than at work, which is why its hygiene is so important

Just imagine - we spend even more time in bed than we do at our workplace, because we have days off and need to get enough sleep every day. That's why it's so important to keep your bed hygienic and safe. But how often should you change your bed linen to maintain a sufficient level of hygiene?

According to the Express, household goods experts say that bed linen should usually be changed once a week, and for some people even more often. In particular, this applies to those who have pets, as well as people with allergies or asthma. People with colds should also wash at least their pillowcases more often.

It's all about germs, bed bugs and dust mites that live in the linen. When we sleep, we spread microorganisms around us, for example through saliva or from our skin. They end up on the fabric and feel good there, because it absorbs sweat and microscopic skin particles, which are food for them.

That is why people suffering from a respiratory tract infection should wash their pillowcases every 72 hours. Sheets should be changed just as often.

In this case, the bedding should be washed in hot water with the addition of antibacterial agents such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide. After washing, if possible, things should be dried in the sun, because ultraviolet light kills various types of infections. To keep the bed fresh for longer, experts also advise not to eat in bed and keep animals out.

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