How many times you can wear clothes without washing: the answer may surprise you

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Experts are firm - the frequency of washing directly depends on the type of things

The approach to washing everyday clothes can be divided into two polar positions. Some people rush to throw the thing into the washing machine after the first wear, others - calmly put it on several times, until the fabric does not start to smell unpleasantly or stains appear on it.

OBOZREVATEL tried to figure out which of these approaches is correct. And what experts think about the frequency of washing clothes.

What approach is more correct?

It turned out that there is not and cannot be a one-size-fits-all rule. People, as a rule, treat cleanliness of clothes the way they were treated in their family, they adopt habits from their parents. In this case, rarely anyone wears clothes to such a state, when it becomes dangerously dirty and begins to frankly stink. Therefore, here you can be guided by a more comfortable approach.

But there are also objective factors that can force us to wash clothes more often. For example, if a person sweats a lot due to their own physiological characteristics or occupation. Some people really need to clean things after each wear. But if you have worn a piece of clothing for a day and it does not have a strong odor or is not obviously dirty, it can be worn again.

Wash often or rarely?

In fact, both too frequent and too infrequent washing have a lot of disadvantages. If you throw an item into the washing machine every day, it will quickly wear out. It also leads to overconsumption of resources - water, washing detergent, electricity. And on things that are washed too infrequently, dangerous microorganisms can collect. This is especially true for underwear and outerwear.

Therefore, experts advise a differentiated approach to the frequency of washing things of different types. It is necessary to change daily underwear, socks and tights, sportswear, swimwear. You will also often have to wash pajamas, if you put them on a naked body.

Outerwear needs to be cleaned about once a month. It does not come in direct contact with the body, but it gets contaminated with everything you can find on the street. The insoles of shoes should be washed with the same frequency, or the entire pair should be thoroughly washed. This will help prevent fungus from developing inside, which can affect the skin and nails.

Other items should be washed as needed. Stains and the appearance of foreign odor will be a good signal that it's time to send them to the washing machine.

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