How long should you water your lawn: experts indicate the ideal time

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To measure the desired duration of irrigation will help an ordinary jar

In the summer heat, lawns are the first to turn yellow and dry out. There is nothing wrong or wrong about it, but such an area does not look very attractive. So the principles of proper watering in hot weather - the main thing you need to know about lawn care.

But how long should he give water and to what depth soak? OBOZREVATEL dealt with all the details of the process. The right approach will help maintain the beauty of the lawn and do not waste water.

Basically, there are two approaches to watering the lawn - moderate watering every night with a sprinkler and longer watering, but once or twice a week. Experts say that both approaches have the right to exist, and the choice of them should be based on observations of exactly how much water is needed for the type of soil on your site and the selected variety of lawn grass. However, less frequent but more thorough watering allows the grass to form a deeper root system, which makes it more resistant to various adverse conditions.

The general rule is as follows: during the hot season 2-4 centimeters of water should be soaked in the ground, and during the cold season 1-1,5 cm. To keep track of this level without making holes in the lawn, you can put an empty jar in the place to be irrigated and check the water level in it every 15 minutes. When it reaches that number, the watering can be turned off. The time it took for the system to fill the container to the right mark, it is worth remembering - that is how long it should be turned on to get quality irrigation. Usually 20-30 minutes of watering 2-3 times a week is enough.

For those who want to get more accurate data without measuring by eye, there are also special soil moisture meters. They help you find out how much water the soil has gained at different depths. Some also help monitor the pH, temperature, and sunlight levels in the soil.

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