How fast you can text after a date and how you should dress for an interview: rules of etiquette that often raise questions

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Modern etiquette has undergone some changes thanks to gadgets

Modern etiquette has faced a lot of new challenges. In particular, we don't always know how to behave politely during online communication, and what is within the bounds of what is permissible in an environment where many rules have been significantly relaxed.

OBOZREVATEL figured out which situations cause the most difficulties. And what exactly do experts advise modern people to do in such cases.

Etiquette and a cell phone

Smartphones have long since become the main consumers of our time and attention. On average, according to recent statistics, we are distracted by them 58 times a day, and each time we fall into this activity for 3 minutes. That's why it's important to know how to use smartphones during important events that require your full attention.

For example, at a business, friendly, or family dinner. When several people are gathered around the table, you may be tempted to take advantage of the moment when the rest of the participants are talking to each other and look at the screen. You can, but you shouldn't. Live communication is a real luxury in the modern world, so don't neglect it. Especially since it can be seen as a sign of disrespect. It is especially important to avoid using your smartphone during business meetings. If you want to take a photo or receive an important message or call, be sure to ask permission from the rest of the dinner party and then put the gadget away again.

When it comes to using a smartphone during a date, the ban is even stricter. Especially when it comes to first dates, when you are just forming an impression of yourself. Even really important calls can wait here. However, taking selfies together is not forbidden. Neither is calling first or being the first to call immediately after meeting. Give the person a little more communication as soon as you feel the need. Don't wait as long as some outdated rules tell you to.

Modern etiquette, email and messengers

A significant part of our communication now takes place in the format of electronic correspondence - via email or messengers. And here, too, rules have already emerged.

For example, it is important to respond to messages with the right speed. For example, business emails should be responded to no longer than 48 hours. Roughly speaking, the time limit here is the length of the weekend. Also, if you're going on vacation, set up an answering machine to notify the person who contacts you. You should respond to personal messages from close people within 8 hours, but if it's more distant acquaintances, they can wait up to a week.

Always pay attention to the signature in every email. Address the person exactly as they call themselves in the signature. If it is only a first name, then use only the first name, and in the exact form that the person has specified. If it includes a patronymic, use it as well. Even if you want to call a very young specialist by a diminutive version of their name because they are half your age, don't do it - it's impolite. You should also sign your emails the way you want to be addressed.

Some other important tips

Under no circumstances should you listen to music or any audio content through the speakers of a gadget in a public place. It's a kind of violence, because not everyone is in the mood to listen to music in general, someone doesn't share your tastes, and someone may simply have a headache. That's why all sound in public transport, on the street, and in public places should come only through headphones.

Announce important news in person. For example, tell your parents and close friends and relatives about your engagement or pregnancy in person, and then post it on social media. The people who are most important to you should feel special.

Show your respect to people not only by temporarily not using gadgets. For example, dress more formally for a job interview than the company's dress code requires. Show that you are serious about self-presentation.

Monitor the content you post on social media yourself. Nowadays, such pages are checked by everyone from employers to banks from which you are applying for a loan. It is unlikely that you will be taken seriously if you only post photos from parties or regularly post pictures of alcohol. Also, do not disclose personal information and unique information under any circumstances. A bank card number that accidentally appears in the frame can cost you money that will be stolen from your account, and a published barcode from a concert ticket, train ticket, etc. will lead to someone else using it.

Stop online communication with people you are not interested in for one reason or another. We don't have a lot of free time nowadays to spend it on people who are not worth it. You don't have to respond to comments from someone you don't know on a social network or see pictures of your ex-lover in your feed. Anyone who wastes your time or causes you negative emotions can be freely deleted from your friends without any explanation.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published 5 simple rules of modern etiquette that everyone should know.

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