Holidays in Georgia: what to see in the picturesque country this summer

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What to see in Georgia in 2023

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is renowned for its rich historical heritage, picturesque landscapes and legendary hospitality. A visit to this country promises an immersive experience in a unique culture coupled with the opportunity to savour local cuisine and unique wines.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey?

Required documents

To enter Georgia, only a passport and an insurance policy are required. Good news for Ukrainian citizens, from February 2023 they will be able to stay in the country for up to two years, (given that their passport is valid until their departure).

How to get there?

If you're planning a trip to hospitable Georgia, there are several transportation options to consider:

  • by car, which requires a drive of about 2500 kilometres;
  • by plane - there's a wide range of direct flights available from Poland and Romania with prices starting at $25 one way;
  • by bus, which offers regular routes from Kyiv, Odesa, and Uman.

Where to stay

  • Tbilisi

The heart of Georgia, Tbilisi, is a city that welcomes its visitors with open arms. Its streets, architecture and unpredictable character fascinate tourists, while its pulsating energy and blend of tradition and modernity offer a unique charm that you'll immediately feel from the first step.

Take a stroll through the streets and marvel at the mosaics of different styles, from medieval castles to modern structures. Don't miss the chance to admire the unusual bridges and climb the Narikala Fortress for a spectacular view. Visit St. George's Cathedral and immerse yourself in the city's life by spending some time on Shota Rustaveli Boulevard, where you can take a breather in one of the colourful cafés that plays live music.

What to visit:

  • The old town;
  • sulphur baths;
  • Narikala fortress;
  • the oldest temple in Tbilisi - Anchishkhati;
  • Metekhi temple;
  • the memorial "History of Georgia".
  • Svaneti

This authentic and picturesque region of Georgia will take you back in time and enchant you with its nature. Svaneti is known for its majestic mountains, including the highest of them - Shkhara (5193 metres high).

This region attracts tourists with its unspoilt mountain scenery, ancient monasteries and unique culture. Explore the pillared towers of Ushguli and visit museums to learn more about the heritage of the region. Go for a walk to Lake Trileti and admire the magnificent views that you will want to remember forever.

What to visit?

  • Museum of History and Ethnography of Svaneti;
  • Margiani House Museum;
  • Ushguli, the highest mountain village in Georgia;
  • Latali village, where the ancient church of St George is located.
  • Kakheti

One of the most attractive regions of Georgia, famous for its wine-making tradition and unrivalled mountain ranges. Kakheti is a place where tastes, aromas and history intertwine to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Visit authentic wineries for a guided tour and tasting of the best Georgian wines. Taste Saperavi, Rkatsiteli or Kindzmarauli and learn the secrets passed down from generation to generation. Take a walk through ancient monasteries and immerse yourself in the meditative atmosphere of these shrines. Enjoy the panoramic view from Signagi Hill, which is called the "veranda of Kakheti" for a reason.

What to visit?

  • Telavi is the soul and heart of Kakheti;
  • the city of Sighnakhi will enchant you with the landscapes of the Alazani Valley;
  • David Gareji Monastery;
  • Lagodekhi Nature Reserve.
  • Kutaisi

A city in the western part of Georgia whose history dates back to ancient times. Kutaisi will amaze you with its incredible past and captivate you with its friendly atmosphere.

Visit one of the oldest monuments in the region - Kutaisi Academy, founded in the 5th century. Take an excursion to the Bagrat Temple, dating back to the XI century, which impresses with its beauty and majesty. Go for a walk in Satapli Park, where you can visit the palaeontological museum and see huge dinosaur tracks, which makes this place unique.

What to see?

  • Gelati Monastery;
  • Martville Canyon, where you can go for a boat ride while admiring the cascading waterfalls;
  • Okatse Canyon;
  • Kinchha waterfall.

Georgian cuisine

Another good reason to visit Georgia is its unique national cuisine. It includes hundreds of dishes, each of which is a real culinary masterpiece. We've compiled a list of five dishes that we definitely recommend you try.

  • Khachapuri

One of the most famous Georgian dishes, which differs in shape and filling depending on the region. Each version of this pastry contains cheeses and various additives such as spinach, mushrooms or eggs. We recommend trying them all!

  • Khinkali

Traditional Georgian dumplings with an original shape, filled with meat and seasoned with aromatic spices. You need to eat them with your hands.

  • Mtsvadi

A legendary Georgian kebab made from marinated meat cooked over a vine fire. Pork, lamb or veal is pre-filled with dry wine with the addition of special spices.

  • Kharcho

A thick and hearty beef soup with a rich flavour and unforgettable aroma. The main secret ingredient is specially sun-dried plum puree with tkemali. You can enjoy this dish in almost any cafe.

  • Churchkhela

Dessert is the hallmark of the country. The delicacy is not only tasty but also healthy. After all, it contains only natural products: walnuts, hazelnuts and grape juice. By the way, churchkhela is a popular souvenir that you can take with you and your family.

Georgia has everything to satisfy your tourist desires. Share its secrets, immerse yourself in the diversity of its culture and feel the warm hospitality of the Georgian people. A trip to the tourist pearls of Georgia will be unforgettable and will bring you unique impressions!

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