Give them up immediately: habits that spoil your sleep

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Sleep disorders

The best rest for the body is a good night's sleep, but most people neglect this and then experience health problems. Sleep disorders are a common problem in the modern world that needs to be addressed.

Our habits affect our sleep. Healthline has published tips to help you cope with this.


Sunlight is one of the most important factors that signal our brains that it's time to wake up, and a decrease in light signals that it's time for the body to prepare for sleep.

According to experts, it is recommended to get 20-30 minutes of sunlight in the morning and avoid strong light for two hours before bed. This will help the body feel when it needs to prepare for sleep.

Daytime blue light can even help a person fall asleep.

According to a 2008 Trusted Source study, getting more blue light when the sun is rising can actually help you feel more active during the day and sleepier in the evening.

Taking long naps during the day

Sleeping during the day can do more harm than good if you didn't get enough sleep at night. If your sleep is deep during the day, it will make it harder for you to fall asleep in the evening.

A 15 to 20 minute nap during the day will increase your productivity. And a long sleep after 3pm will reduce your cravings at night.

A snack before bedtime

Some foods have a negative effect on sleep. Avoid eating chocolate, foods with sugar, fat, and caffeine in the evening.

A 2016 study also found that diets low in fibre and high in saturated fat and sugar can lead to sleep disorders.

However, healthy foods can help you fall asleep: walnuts, avocados, yoghurt, fish, and chia seeds.

Make your bed

According to a survey, those who had a habit of making their bed were more productive, ate healthier food and felt more successful at the end of the day.

This habit can signal your brain that it's time to get up or go to bed. Therefore, it will have a positive effect on your well-being.

Plan your day

If you think about how to get everything done the next day, it will lead to excessive brain activity in the evening and prevent you from falling asleep quickly.

A 2017 study by Trusted Source found that writing down your to-do list can help you feel more relaxed and in control, which improves sleep quality.

Weekend schedule

You should stick to your sleep schedule throughout the week. If you change it frequently on weekends, it will lead to sleep disorders. Try to get up and go to bed at the same time.

Exercise in the evening

A 2019 Trusted Source study found that exercising in the morning at 7am or in the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm can make you sleepy later in the evening. And evening exercise between 7 and 10 pm can delay your biological clock.

Side effects of medicines

Many medications interfere with sleep at night and can even cause insomnia. Therefore, you should consult a doctor if this has been preventing you from sleeping for a long time.


Smoking before bed can cause nicotine cravings at night. This will wake you up or contribute to restless sleep. Therefore, you should avoid this habit.


Some vitamins can help you fall asleep or lead to sleep disorders.

A 2018 study found that vitamin B6 supplementation led to higher sleep scores and less fatigue when waking up. You should consult your doctor if you are experiencing sleep problems.

Hot bath

Hot water will cause your body temperature to rise, and this can disrupt your sleep. To fall asleep quickly, you need to bathe in warm water so that your body temperature drops.

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